Episode 39 Notes

Like big butts

؟ that right there is the irony point or sarcasm mark I shall start using it wherever necessary from now on.

Oh the good old days of coping with red scares

I don’t know what this could have to do with the episode.

Duty Calls



Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 38

Get your graham cracker ready to make s’mores by the heat of hell fire.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.

Welcome to Episode 38: Return to Satan’s Lap

We have an update on the Bored Shenanigans most covered news stories, the Satan statue in Kansas. Also, Brewer (Emmanuel Westinghouse) gets a new hat; Cody will be starting a new business; behind the scenes of B.S.; and we ask you out there for some help in an upcoming episode.

Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 14

TAKE IT OFF! WOOOOOOOOO! That’s what daddy like! Eat each others soup! Show us that Johnfinger! Poppycock! Poppycock! Poppycock!
That’s right it is Bored Shenanigans Live Nudes, as in we just recorded it and it has not been edited. We explain more in the episode, that’s why this a podcast not a blog, but boiled down the episode that was going to go up needs some serious surgery and will most likely be our next From the Vault episode. So, Stay Tuned! And Now…


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.     

Welcome to Episode 14: Live Nudes 

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