BS-to-GO 08

Bored Shenanigans is fucked up…. But not in a good way. This short announcement will tell you why.

May I Take Your Order?    

Would you like the Hot Apple Pie with that?

So that’s one To-Go Episode 07: State of the Shenanigans Address 02

Join us now at our new time


( or, well, it is a podcast, so, when we release is irrelevant to when you experience it. )

Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 52

The boys are on duty tonight making sure you know whats what. They have a contest with a very special girl, Destiny. Tell you all about a new show that they think is going to be pimp. And talk about what and how they would hit it.


What up Bitches!!!!

Check dis Episode 52: The Brew and C-Dog Show

Also check out one of their favorite clubbing songs.