Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Story Time 002

Up this week you meet the first of the protagonist, the cowboy in dingy armor, a scraper of the old world and relic of it; S.E. Archer. A history teacher in his old life who has survived the many decades between the once was and the here now to see a new generation that has forgotten its past.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.

Welcome to Chapter 002: The Life and Times of S.E. Archer

We go through a character cheat sheet to determine all the things we need to know to understand were he is coming from and why he acts the way he does.

Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 99

That’s Right a New Episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
We give the old year a rap-up by talking about things we have forgot to talk about through out the year.
Including Fran Bow the point and click adventure game, Madoka Magica “the Watchmen of Magical Girl anime” and, I honestly forgot, but I believe it was a Nick Fury Comic.
Also what makes a piece of art worthy of being remembered and how to judge something you hate.
And I am sure some other shit I cant remember right now so, by my own standers put forth in the episode, this must not be that great of one.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.

Welcome to Episode 99: Spoiler’s List

Also We Will Be Discussing the New Star Wars So Be Warned

also Look For The SHOW NOTES!!

Letting It All Hang Out

After mulling this over for quite some time, I feel the need to share this within my weekly article.  The below piece is a bit of prose I wrote and posted on my poetry site, but I feel very strongly about it and frankly need to share it. I have tried to use discretion and not flood the lot of you with a copious amount of poetry or other writings as I know that they do not always yield highly on the entertainment wheel.  Furthermore when we started doing all the Bored Shenanigans related stuff I promised all of you I would always voice my own opinion regardless of consequence or outcome and seeing as how this is simply a meager little platform of self expression I will use it as such. I feel that by not being open and honest, I am doing all of our listeners and fans a disservice.  So, that being said I hope you enjoy or if you do not, let me know in the comments.

Personal Reflections

I find that the established ideal of patriotism to be nothing more than a skin deep dictum used to either sway or dis sway someones agenda. I know that comes off as the self righteous musings destined for some sort of justification, but that assumption is incorrect.
Look, the questioning of the established order is what life is all about, we are meant to call out injustice and unfair action when we see it. Blind trust in anything only leads to disintegration and proclaims your own ignorance. You are more than an easily conquered proletariat. You are more than an easily manipulated populace, pay some attention to the world around you. Read between the lines, open your eyes, and wake the fuck up. The misuse of patriot and countryman is merely propaganda from those who demonstrate none of these qualities. Distrust and disdain for sovereignty does not default a person into an anti citizen. Those who hold genuine malcontent for the multitudes or those who are too apathetic to oppose or side with an a governing body are the real evil. Indifference is the ultimate evil, yet we find ourselves so eager to wave a flag or watch a firework display to demonstrate the genuine nature of our love of country. If you truly love something you are willing to admit the faults it has, you are also willing to use the rights granted at its inception to ensure that those principles are maintained. You are throwing stones at the wrong people, at the very least listen to those with differing ideologies than your own.
I suppose it really comes down to this, if you are so eager to label someone a turncoat communist fascist, perhaps you should think of what those accusations mean. I would be hard pressed to think of a country that was not fashioned upon some type of rebellion or at the very least some intense diplomacy. For a nation founded on personal liberty, it seems that we are hellbent and determined to deny those things from our fellow citizens who do not fit squarely into our own fundamentalism.

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Back Then

Talismans of our past are the hardest things to let go of. We have all been there before, holding tightly to something that we find infallible. Those small tokens of days long ago that made so much sense then, but now are not quite as perfect. The prevalence it had seems to creep away in inches. Until one day you question why you needed those things in the first place. Maybe it is age. It replaces sentimentality with reality until finally one gives way to another. Even when reality and good sense prevail, eventually letting go of certain things seems so difficult. We wrap our emotions so tightly around specific items. So much so that when such a bond is broken and gone, a little of ourselves goes with it. If we had it to do again, perhaps we wouldn’t become so dewy-eyed over the objects we select. Maintain a bit more practicality and distance. Possibly that is why these articles are held in such highly affectionate regard, as there was no time for logic when that bond is formed. Those nostalgic doodads of our youth are such a difficult commodity to deal in. Remember to proceed with caution as you begin to realize the holdings of the past are merely mementos. Those things were never meant to rebuild a history, just remind us not to forget it.