Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 20

Things did not go as I planed so… I am very tired right now. Here’s your description. Cody sick. Not here; Jarrett and Ernie are. We talk… that’s what a podcast is… Ernie says some controversial shit. Jarrett is Majorious. Brewer thinks anonymous Snowmen are funny.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.     

Welcome to Episode 20: Bed Rest

…and if it sounds like we are in a bathroom at times I assure we are not.


Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 18

Man, we here at B.S. Productions are tired lately. New Rest-full, New Week, Same guest Cody Jemes! This week Brewer shows a range of emotions. He is happy with Drag shows. He hates new microwaves. He is sad about no Enterprise hotel. Cody is in the same emotional state as always: angry, this time about the way DC is dealing with its movies, also Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.     

Welcome to Episode 18: A Few Rests More

Also, we talk about news like Nelson Mandela and the fake sign language interpreter at his funeral. Then we debate who is to blame on the case of the girl passing out in the cold after being dropped off by friends. Oh, I almost forgot Cody talks about a prostitutes blog. I’m sure there will be a link somewhere.

Find the show notes you will be glad you did.

Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode b


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.
Welcome to Episode b:…S about F words

To all the new listeners and those returning, thank you.

This is what could best be described as the second pilot episode; the co-pilot one could say.

In it this time is well, some BS at the beginning, theft of weird items, atomic radiated spider ninjas, and steampunk. Then we get a little serious/preachy about censorship. Throughout the whole thing many bad puns.

This episode is marked extra explicit for the overabundance of real and fictitious swearing and Cody’s general offensive nature.


Note – In some web browsers you need to right click the download and choose save as. For those that did not know.