Bored Shenanigans Podcast-Episode 70

The plague is going around the BS studios and your two humble hosts battle through the fog of sickness and staying out far too late to bring you something. Listen as we review movies that we have zero business reviewing and find new things to put on a popular deity.



Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.

Welcome to Episode 70- 

Bored Shenanigans Podcast- Episode 68

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We ask the immortal question that has plagued mankind for a millennium, If your mother was a snake and your father a turtle, what would you be? Plus we get nostalgic over things we like and pray to the remake gods that the minds of Tinsletown don’t fuck up our science fiction. Join us for


Episode 68: Snurtles and Scientology Superpowers

Seriously, Denise…give Brewer a call.



Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 28

This episode description will take the form of a questionnaire. See it in the Show Notes below, we thank you for your participation in advance.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.

Welcome to Episode 28: I just Poohed myself

And stay tuned for next weeks episode Conspiracy-cast!!

Also this is the 100th post to the website.