When You Can’t Listen to Us

Listen to these Guys

Welcome to Night Vale – a great podcast for people that have always wondered what NPR sounded like in the Twilight Zone  (you can find episode archive here)

 The Steve Austin Show – the Pro Wrestler in the shows name tells you about stuff and interviews guest both wrestler and not. As Cody puts it, it is extremely captivating and he runs a really good show.

Penn’s Sunday School – Penn Jillette, you may know him as the talkative one of the comedy magic duo “Penn and Teller” he is also an atheist, skeptic, and libertarian and he does a podcast about such topics.


The Apocalypse according to Miracle Whip

This is from Episode 44:Satan’s Miracle Whip 

I bring you The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times

This is the First Video

And here is the follow up one