The Call of Cthulhu Review


I don’t think I possess the ability to discuss literature without invoking the name of H.P. Lovecraft. I’m sure the term ‘classic’ isn’t always one attributed to pulp horror writers, but I’m pulling rank here.  Settle back as I present you, The Call of Cthulhu.

For the uninitiated, The Call of Cthulhu is a short story about a man named the inheritor of his uncle’s estate. While performing these duties he discovers his late uncle’s obsession with an ancient cult. This is easily Lovecraft’s most well known and highly regarded work, though his short stories have been adapted to multiple forms of media.

Before I get too deep into my passions for this book, I know from the get go you’ll either love or hate Lovecraft’s style of writing. It’s dark and complicated, a kind of sludgy gothic concentrate not for the faint of heart. He will build the atmosphere off the page and pile it up around you. It’s a bit inaccessible for some new Lovecraft readers.

Flaws noted, this is such a fantastic book. Call of Cthulhu is the story that began my love affair with Lovecraft’s work. I’ve read it multiple times and always gotten enjoyment from it. In my opinion, it is some of his finest writing. This book is worth the hype. It has inspired multiple adaptations and expansions to the myths, from tabletop RPG games to novellas to animated series. There is so much to enjoy in this story, it appeals to lovers of horror and mystery in all the best ways. I don’t really know of anything that compares to this tale, so for lovers of foreboding suspense  or for those who want a tale about ancient occults worshiping long forgotten gods, this is one for you.


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Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 96

New equipment in the studio; so, woot. Cody is a bitch. And flyer are countered with other flyers in a war to win space on a bulletin board. Don’t worry you can see it below in the show notes for this episode. Cody still a bitch. But he did a tell all on the faceyspace so find that in the show notes as well. Cody is a bitch about bitching. And strange things poke out of backpacks.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.

Welcome to Episode 96: Fearless Flyers

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Episode 96 Notes

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This is flyers may one of them serve you well.

Cthulhu Flyer

Cthulhu Flyer Comparison

Here is Cody’s Tell You Everything. Its like an AMA but you did not ask for it.

Behind his beard is a tattoo of a swastika inside a hammer and sickle surrounded by a pentagram centered in an anarchy sign with Arabic words that say “ass rape as you please”
Cody Jemes is responsible for most cracks and scratches you see.
Cody Jemes is an antivaxxer because he wants more autism
“I got a big dick made out of money yo. bitches want me cum diamonds in their asshole.” – Cody Jemes
Cody Jemes goes into supermarkets and dulls the Capri-Sun straws to make kids cry.
Cody Jemes canceled Firefly.
When asked about Cody Jemes, Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge said that he is a great guy and real fun at their pajama parties “most of our polices came from what he said talking in his sleep”.
14 shares of Pabst Brewing Co. are owned by Cody Jemes
Cody Jemes is the reason why moose have to ask children for baked goods.
Cody Jemes goes to animal shelters for a good laugh.
Cody Jemes once choked on an ellipsis…
Cody Jemes hides slivers of ham in vegetarian soup.
All of Cody Jemes’s pants are the singular form of the noun.
Cody Jemes hands out free bottles of water fortified with Thalidomide at Lamaze classes.
Cody Jemes is the one that let the dogs out in the 00’s.
Cody Jemes is singularly the reason for Obi-Wan Kenobi comment about Mos Eisley Spaceport.
Contact with Cody Jemes is one of only 2 offense Starfleet still carries the death penalty for.
Voldemort refuses to say Cody Jemes’s name.
Cody Jemes once auditioned for the ShamWow commercial but was rejected for being “too creepy and sleazy looking”
Cody Jemes is the larval form of his species; when he grows up he will be a desk lamp with a 35watt bulb and a stick note that reads “remember milk for Stacy”.
The nose of Cody Jemes is perpetually filled with peanut butter.
Cody Jemes turns the pressure on water fountains down as low as they can go and films people trying to drink from them scored with flute music
Cody Jemes once built a raft out shoes stolen from the homeless to conquer a small island in the Mississippi Delta region for 2 days. This one isn’t that bad I just found it interesting.
Cody Jemes has none of his original teeth but 32 other people do. When they had their wisdom teeth pulled he put his to fill the gap.
Cody Jemes wears socks with sandals. But the socks are on the outside over the sandals.
Cody Jemes has 11 toes… in a jar… that he jerks off into at night… every time he feels hungry.
Cody Jemes’s blood tastes like blueberry yogurt, the dust from a ceiling fan, and melancholy

And now its time for WHAT’S IN THE BAG?!

Behind this link you find a world of strange objects protruding from packs