Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 101

We made a road trip to teh Pure Pwnage movie premier. But don’t worry there are no spoilers for it so you are safe. Other than the movie, which is great, on the trip we ran smack into a cult see pictures on our faceyspace and show notes. We also talk about porn because why not. And of course we talk about the Autoblow 2 because this is the 1 year anniversary of the first episode (Episode 071) in which we talk about it.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.

Welcome to Episode 101: Vasecto-cast

HELLO to you Arizona!! Hope you are having a good day!

Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 71

It is sad. There it is.

Someone who inspired us, Monty Oum, at the time of recording this episode was in critical condition at the hospital. And now at the time of releasing this he has died.

You can look to the show notes for this episode to find the articles about this as well as some of his work.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.    

Welcome to Episode 71: The Full Monty

Also in this episode we show how similar we are to Hawkeye on M*A*S*H by covering up bad feelings with dirty jokes. Such as, what you do you prefer paper or cloth when it comes to cleaning up personal messes? The most wonderful product we have ever seen: the AutoBlow 2 and its fantastic marketing is discussed. Cody also wants to know what it is called when you are sexually attracted to plants.

Episode 71 Notes

First announcement of Monty Oum hospitalization.

Second announcement of his death.

This is his Deviant Art page. His last journal entry title is…. thought-provoking.


Here are his videos.



Dead Fantasy I

Dead Fantasy II

Dead Fantasy III

Dead Fantasy IV

Dead Fantasy V

Preview for Dead Fantasy VIII

All of Dead Fantasy linked together in one big video plus two out of continuity dance videos



Here are some Quotes from him.

 “I continually hope that someday I’ll get a chance to pass on everything I’ve learned. There hardly seems a moment considering living by my words only means having absolutely no time to say them. So at least I can take a moment in slight to utter in passing.”

“It is my philosophy in life, much like my movies, to jump first, then figure it out on the way down.”

“The problem with living your dream, on the off days when you need a break. The escape you’re looking for is from yourself. In which there is none.”

“I don’t like saying fans, I’d rather to say friends. Fans are just friends I haven’t met yet.”

“When I didn’t feel like I was making enough of a difference. The harder part of living in this world is living with only being able to make small ripples of change, but ripples enough that eventually we will make our own tidal wave. A wave of hope for others that can reach around the world and touch people past barriers of language or culture.”

“Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible.”

“To plan and plot success seems such a devilish necessity, and not really me. I Don’t really think too far ahead. Only thing I know how to do is work as hard as I can, and hope that my skills are enough before I hit the ground.”

“Lately I’ve felt we’re all becoming far too complacent. All in all, relax and let people do their thing. don’t like it move on. Don’t let your nostalgia about what something should be ruin it for a new generation”

“the less time I spend talking the more work I get done.”

“Also Haters… you keep doing your standard things. I hope your rigid premise of how things should be will get you far. Ya know, worshipping other peoples ideas wholely as if they were any better than you. Well I guess they are if your mind is so inflexible. Just don’t bring your opinions of what I should or shouldn’t do to my table. Cause I walk over standards for daily.”

“the world looks very different, when you’re pushing yourself every second you’ve got.”

“Being able to deliver on a timely basis might mean making these mistakes and living with it.”

“Do more of the same and you’re not living up to your responsibility to grow as an artist. Break the boundaries and hope you’ll be able to deliver something within reasonable grasp Find yourself somewhere in between, let’s hope I figure out where exactly that is. I’m not really trying to complain, afterall I knew well what I was getting into when I raised the bar for myself. I just hope you know the contrast between better, and different.”

“ about the whole doing things by the books. I never liked the fact that the traditionalist would always argue that everything should be done 100% legitimately. But if that were the case, that would pretty much mean I shouldn’t be where I am now. Imagine if to make my movies I would actually have to spend the actual amount of money on software, license the music, of God knows somehow compose music myself, on top of directing modeling, animating texturing choreographing etc.”

“I’d say it would be a pretty stale existence if people who want to be able to express themselves in my particular manner get tied up in red tape. Oh wait, that was the greater portion of my life before I learned how to cheat.”

“It’s a little saddening to say goodbye just as soon as we met. But I hope fate bring us together again in the future as well as more people I hope to meet as well.”