Episode 96 Notes

Woooooooooooooooooooooooo Show Notes Are Back!!!

This is flyers may one of them serve you well.

Cthulhu Flyer

Cthulhu Flyer Comparison

Here is Cody’s Tell You Everything. Its like an AMA but you did not ask for it.

Behind his beard is a tattoo of a swastika inside a hammer and sickle surrounded by a pentagram centered in an anarchy sign with Arabic words that say “ass rape as you please”
Cody Jemes is responsible for most cracks and scratches you see.
Cody Jemes is an antivaxxer because he wants more autism
“I got a big dick made out of money yo. bitches want me cum diamonds in their asshole.” – Cody Jemes
Cody Jemes goes into supermarkets and dulls the Capri-Sun straws to make kids cry.
Cody Jemes canceled Firefly.
When asked about Cody Jemes, Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge said that he is a great guy and real fun at their pajama parties “most of our polices came from what he said talking in his sleep”.
14 shares of Pabst Brewing Co. are owned by Cody Jemes
Cody Jemes is the reason why moose have to ask children for baked goods.
Cody Jemes goes to animal shelters for a good laugh.
Cody Jemes once choked on an ellipsis…
Cody Jemes hides slivers of ham in vegetarian soup.
All of Cody Jemes’s pants are the singular form of the noun.
Cody Jemes hands out free bottles of water fortified with Thalidomide at Lamaze classes.
Cody Jemes is the one that let the dogs out in the 00’s.
Cody Jemes is singularly the reason for Obi-Wan Kenobi comment about Mos Eisley Spaceport.
Contact with Cody Jemes is one of only 2 offense Starfleet still carries the death penalty for.
Voldemort refuses to say Cody Jemes’s name.
Cody Jemes once auditioned for the ShamWow commercial but was rejected for being “too creepy and sleazy looking”
Cody Jemes is the larval form of his species; when he grows up he will be a desk lamp with a 35watt bulb and a stick note that reads “remember milk for Stacy”.
The nose of Cody Jemes is perpetually filled with peanut butter.
Cody Jemes turns the pressure on water fountains down as low as they can go and films people trying to drink from them scored with flute music
Cody Jemes once built a raft out shoes stolen from the homeless to conquer a small island in the Mississippi Delta region for 2 days. This one isn’t that bad I just found it interesting.
Cody Jemes has none of his original teeth but 32 other people do. When they had their wisdom teeth pulled he put his to fill the gap.
Cody Jemes wears socks with sandals. But the socks are on the outside over the sandals.
Cody Jemes has 11 toes… in a jar… that he jerks off into at night… every time he feels hungry.
Cody Jemes’s blood tastes like blueberry yogurt, the dust from a ceiling fan, and melancholy

And now its time for WHAT’S IN THE BAG?!

Behind this link you find a world of strange objects protruding from packs

Episode 75 Notes

I would like to quote the uploader of this video because it is the best description that this could ever have.

“Sometimes, a body gets a hankering that only Leonard Nimoy singing about hobbits while surrounded by 60’s pixie chicks can sate. Fortunately, we live in a world where those hankerings need not go unfulfilled!” – SputnikMonkey’s channel – youtube

Episode 71 Notes

First announcement of Monty Oum hospitalization.

Second announcement of his death.

This is his Deviant Art page. His last journal entry title is…. thought-provoking.


Here are his videos.



Dead Fantasy I

Dead Fantasy II

Dead Fantasy III

Dead Fantasy IV

Dead Fantasy V

Preview for Dead Fantasy VIII

All of Dead Fantasy linked together in one big video plus two out of continuity dance videos



Here are some Quotes from him.

 “I continually hope that someday I’ll get a chance to pass on everything I’ve learned. There hardly seems a moment considering living by my words only means having absolutely no time to say them. So at least I can take a moment in slight to utter in passing.”

“It is my philosophy in life, much like my movies, to jump first, then figure it out on the way down.”

“The problem with living your dream, on the off days when you need a break. The escape you’re looking for is from yourself. In which there is none.”

“I don’t like saying fans, I’d rather to say friends. Fans are just friends I haven’t met yet.”

“When I didn’t feel like I was making enough of a difference. The harder part of living in this world is living with only being able to make small ripples of change, but ripples enough that eventually we will make our own tidal wave. A wave of hope for others that can reach around the world and touch people past barriers of language or culture.”

“Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible.”

“To plan and plot success seems such a devilish necessity, and not really me. I Don’t really think too far ahead. Only thing I know how to do is work as hard as I can, and hope that my skills are enough before I hit the ground.”

“Lately I’ve felt we’re all becoming far too complacent. All in all, relax and let people do their thing. don’t like it move on. Don’t let your nostalgia about what something should be ruin it for a new generation”

“the less time I spend talking the more work I get done.”

“Also Haters… you keep doing your standard things. I hope your rigid premise of how things should be will get you far. Ya know, worshipping other peoples ideas wholely as if they were any better than you. Well I guess they are if your mind is so inflexible. Just don’t bring your opinions of what I should or shouldn’t do to my table. Cause I walk over standards for daily.”

“the world looks very different, when you’re pushing yourself every second you’ve got.”

“Being able to deliver on a timely basis might mean making these mistakes and living with it.”

“Do more of the same and you’re not living up to your responsibility to grow as an artist. Break the boundaries and hope you’ll be able to deliver something within reasonable grasp Find yourself somewhere in between, let’s hope I figure out where exactly that is. I’m not really trying to complain, afterall I knew well what I was getting into when I raised the bar for myself. I just hope you know the contrast between better, and different.”

“ about the whole doing things by the books. I never liked the fact that the traditionalist would always argue that everything should be done 100% legitimately. But if that were the case, that would pretty much mean I shouldn’t be where I am now. Imagine if to make my movies I would actually have to spend the actual amount of money on software, license the music, of God knows somehow compose music myself, on top of directing modeling, animating texturing choreographing etc.”

“I’d say it would be a pretty stale existence if people who want to be able to express themselves in my particular manner get tied up in red tape. Oh wait, that was the greater portion of my life before I learned how to cheat.”

“It’s a little saddening to say goodbye just as soon as we met. But I hope fate bring us together again in the future as well as more people I hope to meet as well.”

Episode 57 Notes


You are all idiots. Why the hell did you guys decide to make a podcast. You two are the dumbest people I have ever listened to in my entire life. Fucking idiots. I wish you both would go to hell where you belong. God does not enjoy his people talking like this. You should think about the creator and his amazingness and remember that he brought you dumbasses into this world. Worship him!! I am so sad for your lives and hope you may find the lord jesus!

– Lil’ God

BS-to-GO 05 Notes

Here is where you can grab Cody’s bags… wait I don’t think that’s right let me try again. Here is where you can see Cody carry a hand bag… no that’s not right either, right? Oh yes, Here is where you will find a grab bag of article that Cody sent me before we started recording.

Episode 47 Notes

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you those show notes we love to hate.

Want something special to john finger to? Check out our favorite vaginal puppet master, Veronica Chaos. We legitimately love the originality and the brazenness of this concept. Read her highly interesting article here or just get busy with it here.

Have a drawer that squeaks? Need to shove something big into something small? Want the best slip and slide ever? We explore the Amazon jungle to bring you lube. Big buckets of hot lube.

Or want to see a cinematic legend lose his shit about frozen peas and other commercial things? Listen to the most epic voice in a most confused state. Enjoy the chaos so you know how to lose it with style.




When You Can’t Listen to Us

Listen to these Guys

Welcome to Night Vale – a great podcast for people that have always wondered what NPR sounded like in the Twilight Zone  (you can find episode archive here)

 The Steve Austin Show – the Pro Wrestler in the shows name tells you about stuff and interviews guest both wrestler and not. As Cody puts it, it is extremely captivating and he runs a really good show.

Penn’s Sunday School – Penn Jillette, you may know him as the talkative one of the comedy magic duo “Penn and Teller” he is also an atheist, skeptic, and libertarian and he does a podcast about such topics.

Episode 40 Show Notes

List of richest fictional characters from Forbes

Raciest against the fat man
Also you should go to their home page and take some of the quizzes. They are much deeper than the ones you normally get linked to like “what color in a rainbow would I be based on what kind of chocolate I am” or “what fuzzy animal would I be in the 16th century” or “what kind of lover is perfect for me when I am a werewolf”


Episode 38 Notes

This right here, what you are reading now, is the thing we hate the most about being podcasters.

Details about the Devil

The Ninth Circle

List of our episode were we sat in his lap

Graham crackers are not just for the Straights anymore

Bobcat in a Box

Where the idea came from

Day six: 'The hell? Who mails a bobcat?'

Why it is named that

You can do this one in every 30 times and still have 97% positive feedback

*Note the title text on the above are the ones that originally went with the comic not my own wit. But all the others you can attribute to me.

Episode 36 Notes

Nerdist podcast episode 283 with Max Landis where he talks about the Peter Pan reimagine better than I do but, it is his idea. (if you don’t want to hear the whole thing (but the Nerdist is a great listen) this part starts at 47:45)

Nordenfelt gun here you can read about it but thats not the important part of the notes the name just makes us giggle

I know there should be more but I can’t remember what so, if you get curious about something and it is not here, Google it and post it in the comments for me.

Episode 32 Notes




If that picture is not enough to make you see it here are some videos I recommend the first two.

Top, bottom and versatile – this is NOT AT ALL what I was looking for. Be wary where you are when you click this link.

This picture has Worf and a Flamingo because the internet.

Nicolas Cage pillows It Could Happen to You. You could be Gone in 60 Seconds Stolen away to a dream land. And it will keep you Trapped in Paradise in a City of Angels. Face Off the Next day and Kick-Ass Knowing that you will not Drive Angry to work after a good nights rest on this National Treasure of a pillow.

I am certain I forgot something maybe Cody will stop by and fill it in for me.


Episode 31 Notes

Boondock Saints; I promise the movie is not as cheesy as the trailer there makes it look.

Boondock Saints II; watch this one second.

Seven Drunken Nights what more could you ask for. Oh yes Seven Drunken Nights in Space!!! that is the logical next step.

This is Malukah, the singer Brewer said he thought was awesome. She does songs from and about video games. Reignite is the one particularly mentioned in the podcast.

Episode 29 Notes

Denver airport is Reptoid Base or Nazi or Whatever brings the New World Order
Pictures and interpretations

For the World is Hollow

Didn’t have time to read it all but here is How the Vatican created Islam

WiFi and electricity’s plan to dominate by making you feel meh.

The Skinny on this crazy.

The Fat on this woo.

Video if you desperately need to kill time and don’t mind killing yourself too

Episode 28 Notes

Describes an episode to you; gives useful information to us.

Feel free to answer in the comments or email us or what ever.

  1. You’re robbing a bank on Halloween. How are you dressed? Do you have weapons? Are they real? How do you escape?
  2. Do you have a favorite Conspiracy Theory?
  3. Do you believe in anything someone might call a “Conspiracy Theory”?
    (These 2 are for the next episode)
  4. Are you a Paleontologist (by profession or hobby) and listening to this podcast?
  5. Are you Howard Stern and are listening to this podcast?
  6. Are you one of the 3 above and would like to come onto the podcast and talk about it?
  7. Does it make the podcast better knowing that there is a pair of large breasts present during recording bobbling around?
  8. Do you have a pair of breasts and want to come one the show and talk about it or bobble them around?
  9. Would you like to hear the call of the Bull Moose?
  10. Do you find heffalumps and woozles creapy? Example: Here    Over here    this too     and one more
  11. Is there anything from your childhood that you did Not find creepy then that you do Now?
  12. If you are drinking milk and you look down and see a brown speck in it what do you do?
  13. Do you have a plan for the apocalypse or any other disaster?
  14. Do you think having a plan is a good idea?
  15. Have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?
  16. Could or could not Santa become a zombie?
  17. Do you hate this question?
  18. Do you like it when we rap?
  19. Do you like it better when we structure the episodes more or when we “chase the rabbit”?
  20. Do you think that Bored Shenanigans is over too quick?
  21. Do you hate it when I talk about your ear holes?
  22. Do you hate it when we ask you to answer questions?
  23. Will you answer any of these questions?

This is the old movie Topper that Brewer found entertaining. Yes it is in black and white.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within its Final Fantasy but in 1 hr and 46 min apposes to 120hrs

More Show Notes to come Later today.

Episode 26 Notes

Lolita by Mustard Plug

Have you ever looked at your wrist and thought “Man, if there was only some way I could be more depressed right now”. Well, now you can! With TIKKER the watch that counts down to your death!

ICP (song?) Miracles (are they?) and the alternate universe proposed by Skepchick.org explaining how some of these things work but not that they would listen

And now for some BS from world leaders 

President George W. Bush likes to paint things now. The link is good but just google it for more

Hitler– Short in height, short in mustache, short in temper, short in shorts.

Mitt Romney a man who knows how to keep up with the memes. Here you will find both real and fictional Mitt dance, because the internet.

Episodes 21

You tell me which is easier to figure out what it says
ɒfiˈjuːkəs  or oh-fee-YOO-kuh-s

Either way go here to see more Stellar guys holding their Big Snakes 

This is what made us laugh for no reason in the middle of the episode

Never seen an episode of Twilight Zone? Go here, it is free and awesome

Need a virgin? Want to bid on one for a night of disappointment?

Want to get laid for free and be part of history? Talk to her.

What? Casablanca meets Airplane?

Saving Mr. Banks, the best thing in theaters right now.

Episode 18

This is the Spider Drawing thing that we were laughing about.
*Note* Don’t Worry if you don’t like spiders it is a very cartoony drawing.

The greatest thing that was never built. 

Nelson Mandela

News story that we debate about friends, girls, drinking, and cold.

Formula 51 the movie with Samuel Kilt Jackson and Meatloaf

Cody’s wonderful and or exciting. A goddamn good read about escorts.

Why are you not looking this up for yourself?

Brewer’s new and improved Bonnie and Clyde

Cody’s Bonnie and Clyde Classic

As promised…… Brent’s Penis

Brents penis SMALL

If I forgot something, Google it!

Episode 15

This is the comment, from jj, that started all this.

Today’s society, it is often thought of as cool to deny the existence of God. Many of the ‘Intellectuals’ don’t believe in God and think of God as a wishful thinking or a human imagination driven by fear of the unknown in ancient times, that has no value in today’s highly advanced society.
“The fool says in his heart, ”There is no God.”- (Psalm 14:1)

Revelation 21:8 But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

40 Questions to ask a Christian – they are good no matter what side of the fence you are on.

Dr. Peter Boghossian – this is were he gives his definition of Faith.

Pale Blue Dot 2 – if you like science here is picture and article about a Voyager 1 as seen from Earth by a radio telescope.

10 ways to embrace doubt and find truth– just a good article

The Origin of Religious Tolerance: Voltaire – the rabbit that lead me to alot of great writings

Religious Tolerance and Hinduism– good article from a religious bent

Utterly Humbled By Mystery– article on faith

Best goddamn definition of faith –

Faith is knowing something should be true, being certain it is, and having no insight into one’s collisions with reality.

Reality is wrong. Other people are wrong. Why can’t they
see what I see? It’s all about failures to re-interpret one’s
original misinterpretation of experience. Faith is blind,
and that’s a problem.

Faith is not calm, it is heated, sure of itself, and prone to be unrealistic.

— Mike Mooney

Episode 12

Hate Mail

Dear Pod casters of Bored Shenanigans
I appreciate your attempt at a rebuttal to my comments, but you truly are not as wise as you claim to be. Your vile attempts at humor only turn to subjugate your own show. I was appalled when I found your show was on my daughters face book page and am so disappointed that people of your repertoire are giving free reign on the internet. I feel that the lot of you should have your freedom of speech taken away and punished for the manipulation of your listener’s mind. I highly doubt that you have many listeners to speak of and with the type of content you produce will never have more.
Good day sirs
Professor P.
Sources for Music and Sounds
I had nothing to do with there creation.

me smallcody small

Episode 11

Hate Mail!

To whom it may concern,
You are the reason our society is in the state that it is in. I am thoroughly disappointed in that you are promoting such filth on the internet. I imagine that podcasts were destined to wax about things much more philosophical than one another’s penises. I cannot believe that such shallow gutter talk has transcended upon the youth of today. You sirs are not nearly as important as you feel you are. Hopefully your luster soon runs dry and you abandon all hope of polluting the airway.

Professor P.


Give Us Your Out of Order Signs on thing that should not be out of order!!!!!

there are some examples on the Facebook page

Just go on through nothing bad could possibly happen a sign told you to

Episode 09

Brewer’s Epic Skeptical Reference list OF SCIENCE!!!

Here Be Dragons – free 40 minute video introduction to critical thinking.

Logical Fallacies – a list of common logical fallacies provide by the SGU (see below)

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe – One of the best Skeptical Podcast out the with many great interviews and news.

The Conspiracy Skeptic – the First Skeptical Podcast I listened to and got me into skepticism.

James Randi Homeopathy, quackery and fraud – This is him doing a TED talks (free, short-ish 18 minute, Video lecture series, there good and on a wide range of topics)

Cody’s list of political links

http://www.politics1.com/parties.htm– basics of all parties

http://www.lptexas.org/principles– libertarian party ideology

http://reformparty.org/issues/– reform party principles

http://www.gp.org/index.php/10-key-values.html– green party rhetoric

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0vE5CTTSFI– 2012 presidential 3rd party debate if you really find yourself caring

http://podcastone.com/Ron-Pauls-Podcast– this is my choice political podcast,