Who The Fuck Are We And Why The Fuck Should You Care

Friends since high school Brewer and Cody are here merely to regale you with tales of little to nothing. Realizing they Bull Shit with each other for hours a week they decided to record it for other (or just themselves) to hear now and in the future.

This is not a podcast meant for more than a few laughs, either with them or at their expense. Updated as often as we can (normally once a week on Mondays) we hope you enjoy Bored Shenanigans as much as we do.


Ryan S. Brewer – One half of the founding duo, the pretty half in that prison movie sort of way. Known for his ability to riff quickly on any situation he encounters and to recite even the most menial events into some sort of enjoyable story, he is the gooey white to the Oreo goodness of the podcast

Cody Jemes – The crispity crunchity cookie outside of team Bored Shenanigans, the other co-founder he does his best to keep up with Brewer’s cohesive story telling. While not as quick on the mic, he does make up for it with his wild and liberal use of profanity.

And the rest ( Bored Shenanigans Rouges Gallery)

Brent – An accomplished pro-wrestler, he is the third musketeer in the glory days past.  Never the cause of, but rarely the solution to the tight spots the team found themselves in. Impervious to the founder’s insults he finds himself rarely able to retort with something of his own, nevertheless he is the member of the team who seems to have his shit the most together (wife, kid, house)

Brandy- The better half of Brent, and friend to the Brewer and Cody since high school. Dealing with our shit since the beginning. An avid supporter of BS since day one and the only woman alive who doesn’t deny letting Brent put his wiener inside her. She has their kid, which is undeniable proof.

Jarrett (The Majorious) – the jazziest member of the crew, he has an insane ability to play music. Usually the sound of reason amongst irrational reasoning and situations, he was much a spectator of antics frankly he was too wise to partake of.  With the rare ability to emit an air of aristocratic significance, you have no way to thwart his super power.

Ernie – The token Mexican with a giant snoz and mail box… who will get laid with merely a kind word and a smile. Pussy magnet extraordinaire. A continuous fixture of foolish activities and gaming marathons, Ernie was a distinguished member of the US Army and has continued to shenanigan his way into our hearts.

Justin- The Manager of Locations of Various Products, he is our illustrious marketing executive. Illustrator of the new and improved Bored Shenanigans logo and everyone’s favorite drinking buddy and LAN party host.

C.H.A.D. – Charismatic Harbinger of Atrocity and Destruction, an amalgamation of tales that frankly we are all too embarrassed to admit we ourselves did. The gremlin of poor decisions and deadly reasoning, he may not be real, but the stories of his activities are quite real. Just a pseudonym to protect the innocent.

CiCi- One of the first people to meet and become friends with Cody upon his arrival in Austin. She does her best to keep good taste somewhere abounding amid all the irreverence we love so much to dabble in.

Matt- Bored Shenanigan’s favorite member of the USMC, he is out actually doing something while Brewer and Cody make dirty jokes and johnfingering jokes. Cici’s husband and just all around great guy, we are happy to have you on board of Bored Shenanigans

Madison (the Dry Clitoris Girl) – Last, but never least the first lady of Bored Shenanigans. She deals with the BS on and off the air and is proof that sainthood does in fact exist. Devoted wife of Cody and  somewhat tolerant of Brewer, she is the first line of defense for the listeners. Knowing when to tell Cody; no, that is a bad idea.

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