So it has come to my attention that there was a technical issue in episode 099 (I think relegated to audacity crashing during editing) where the audio cuts out for a second or two occasionally. There is no quick or easy fix for this. I can try to find time to do this if there is a big call for it but don’t expect it today.  More for archive purposes or new listeners in the future seeing this for the first time (Hello, and welcome to you).

The fix would either involve doing the edit from scratch, hunting down all the parts that got dropped in the raw, original files and splicing them in, or just releasing a Nude version as a replacement with no editing at all. That last one, let me tell you, this crappy chopped up version is better than that. There were some conversations in the edited parts that were just plain boring so I  don’t know if you want to hear the extended cut. I might be like the directors cut of Star Trek the Motion Picture: long drawn out scenes of booting up jet packs and swirling lights.  But whatever you want I can try to do for you.

Or, I could just say ‘fuck it’. So far only one person has complained after listening through the whole thing and even then it was like pulling teeth to figure out there was a problem at all. Maybe if others would promote our show enough that we had a strong enough listening base that we, at least, made our money back on this show we might try harder to fix these problems before you ever hear them.

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