Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 74

The two least qualified humans on the planet attempt to make some sense out of the abortion topic. With the help of many fine, fine listeners we bring their opinions and our own straight to you.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans

Welcome to Episode 74: Abort!



One response to “Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 74

  1. I was one of the participants of this episode. This episode was quite different than what I imagined. But was interesting to say the least. I do feel your episode was a little biased. But that is my opinion only. Others may not agree. Abortion is a very “hot” topic and I do appreciate you addressing it.

    You might want to look up “Rachael’s Vineyard” it is a place where women who have had an abortion can heal from it. The one’s that go are ones who are affected emotionally mentally and spiritually. They are not approached about their abortions. They themselves seek out healing.

    Being a woman and having children. I felt deeply connected to my children while they were in the womb. Now I wanted children so that maybe my bias.

    Physiologically the mother gives life to the fetus through the umbilical cord. Giving life to the fetus does that make the fetus “a live” . Just a thought.

    This might be why I have my believe. It is not based on religion. It is based on my own experiences as a mother and as a child seeing three of my unborn children aborted i. e.:

    My comment on the show about being raped at a young age and my uncle taking me to “someone” to abort my babies was one of knowing what abortion is like. For one I saw what the little ones looked liked after the abortion. They were red, blistered, and burned from head to toe with salt solutions. At the time this was one of the methods used in the 1960’s. The last one when I was 13 I fought hard to keep but he drugged me and continued to do so. I can still recall the little one burned and the mouth moving, it was horrific. The impact on me was devastating. When my memories surfaced I felt as if a part of me had been ripped out. Eventually I came to terms with it but they still are with me. I named each child. Asked forgiveness for what was not their or my fault. For my belief is they do have a soul. Had a ceremony to heal myself and them. (If I had been able to have the first child albeit it would have been a difficult situation being the age I was. But it would have saved the child and my abuser would not have been able to kill or rape the amount of children he did. (“for the greater good”). I wouldn’t have had the abuse continue and the experience of seeing innocent children raped and murdered.

    I do not condemn anyone. For the God I know is a merciful one. I do pray for every child who is aborted and the mothers. My belief is that at the moment of conception it is an individual person separate from the mother. I do know that having an abortion does affect the mother. She may not realize it at the time but down the road it will emotionally and mentally. “Rachael’s Vineyard” is a place where one can heal from abortions. I have healed from them. These are my thoughts. Thanks for addressing something so controversial. I appreciate your efforts on this topic.

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