Carpe Diem and “Live everyday as if it were your last” are overly used phrases that have sunk their way into the popular collective to justify poorly thought out decisions. The bar has lowered on their usage as they have wandered from their original intent. So we here at Bored Shenanigans are taking this moment to remind all of us to not be a flaming cunt. People come in and out of our lives impacting us on a variety of levels, so is there really a reason to hold a grudge? Is there really a reason to be an intolerable pain in everyone’s ass? Maybe we should at the very least be civil, as we do not know what piece of our destiny that person will control. The most control you do have is to grasp hold of every moment and make it be one that you can take pride in. We’re not advocating some overly charitable business nor are we demanding that you try to win a citizen of the year award, just try to be a little better. Be better for yourself first of all, then be better for everyone else afterwards. After it is all over with, all you are is a collection of memories. So perhaps we should take the time and responsibility to make them pleasant ones


Cody Jemes is the Literary Engineer behind both the Rank This and the Articulations sections @Bored Shenanigans. Stay tuned weekly for new articles, new pod-casts and all kinds of free funny. Fill your need for sports at Texas Fandom or fill that poetry void at Abuse Through Poetry.

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