Late…ntines Day

I realize that this post is far too late for Valentine’s Day. It was meant to be posted early, yet at posting it looks closer to almost being a week tardy. I would make apologies for such; but, fuck that I wanted to stay this. 

I know that I am a flawed specimen. I hold no infinite knowledge nor amazing insights. Personal shortcomings notwithstanding, I was asked what my best decision was. When asked I could not help but think of the multitude of good choices I have made have orbited around my wife. From deciding to talk to her for the first time to asking her to dinner that time to pursuing her to asking her to marry me. Those have been some of the smartest moves I have ever made. I believe only those who have experienced that depth of feeling and sheer fascination with another human being can appreciate it when I say this. You know who you are, those of you currently enraptured with a someone in whom you literally place your entire self. To put it simply, when She and I are together, We feel bad ass. We feel invincible.  It is a primal and visceral feeling of need and compassion and desire.That is what Valentine’s Day is meant to be. A celebration of that level of love and commitment. It is more than some lame flowers and a half-ass’d card. It is beyond candy and stuffed animals. It is a reason to embrace that devotion shown and set some time aside to enjoy it.

Also, get your grandma or mother a little something. She did deal with all your shit, a little something will remind her you care.


Cody Jemes is the Literary Engineer behind both the Rank This and the Articulations sections @Bored Shenanigans. Stay tuned weekly for new articles, new pod-casts and all kinds of free funny. Fill your need for sports at Texas Fandom or fill that poetry void at Abuse Through Poetry.

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