Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 23

Alternate title for this episode is Late Cast! Things have been sorted out so hopefully no more late episodes anytime soon. I’m sure you will hear all about it in like 2-3 week when the one we recorded on Friday goes up… Also before you try to be a smart ass and say “ooo Brewer you said you would get it up on Tuesday and you didn’t your not so great, fuck you” I never said what time zone. Here in Podcastia it is still Tuesday so, Fuck you, and quit your QQ ing!! Also there is talk of inventions and poetry, the place and evolution of nerd culture, BS productions siege of FOX news, weird things the Majorious Jarrett finds on the internet, and bad horror movies.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.     

Welcome to Episode 23: Jar Jar Rides ze Shoopuf

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