Who Gives a Fuck?

I’d make an excuse for not being more creative and witty, but I really don’t give a fuck. Yes, I know that this is precisely the reason that you come to read these articles, is me not giving a fuck. Don’t raise your judgmental eyebrows at me, I know for a fact that you don’t always give a fuck. More than once, you have observed your personal ‘give a fuck-o-meter’ being set to zero.In fact isn’t that ultimately what binds us together as a nation, nay as a society? The notion of sometimes you just cannot give a fuck. That is the universal truth of all terrestrial life forms from when time began to until it ends.  Some days even your sweet little old grandmother doesn’t give a flying fuck. Hell sometimes you can’t give a fuck by land or by sea or by air. You remain fuckless on all fronts and any idea of you unfucking yourself is pretty much nonexistent.  So cast not the first stone upon those who don’t give a fuck, because your fuckless day is inevitably on its way. So appreciate the ‘fuck it’ moments that life occasionally bestows upon us and just try to give a fuck the next day.

Cody Jemes  is the head writer of the Bored Shenanigans Articulations. Need more of him and don’t know where to look? Check out his articles on the Dallas Mavericks at  Texas Fandom, leave snarky comments on his  poetry blog or if tired of reading? Listen to the podcast he co -hosts.  

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