I’m linking shit like crazy over here

Spider Drawing thing from Episode 18. You must click it.
*Note* Don’t Worry if you don’t like spiders it is a very cartoony drawing.

Dead Fantasy ! I don’t know how this hasn’t made it here yet. If you think the idea of Final Fantasy Chicks fighting Dead or Alive Chicks is a good idea watch it. And Watch it in High Resolution full screen!
This is made by Monty Oum who currently works at Rooster Teeth on this series…

RWBY if you like anime and you like the action choreography of Dead Fantasy give it a shot. At the very least watch the trailers

I think we talked about it but if not here is Clerks Porn Parody trailer.
Semi-Worksafe *whatnots are covered up*

This music video made us giggle in high school here it is for you now.

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