Ball and Chain

Obscene and copious amounts of freedom. The kind of liberty that you need floaty water wings for. That is the level of independence that should be most advocated, yet is the most feared. In a time where there are laws atop rules atop regulations, is it really prudent to advocate for more? The human animal as it were, fears a land without its cage. The restrictions that we fight the hardest for are the ones that we need to control ourselves. Without a leash, we do not know how to self govern. If we had any sense of how to modulate our own actions, then we certainly wouldn’t require another bloated law. I know that you are thinking to yourself, “That will be total anarchy, bedlam will run rampant in the streets, we will be neck-deep in chaos.” My only response, is highly doubtful. I am not advocating the instant banishment of all laws, as a society we need such structure to maintain some order, but that is at a societal level. What I am saying is we, as people, see our biggest fears and internal monsters in the laws we create. Pro-lifers fight abortion because they would do it if their religious climate allowed it. Anti-gun proponents push for tight gun laws because they feel they would hurt someone with it. Anti-discrimination legislation are most likely passed by someone who has prejudices they do not want to admit. Same with every other law under the sun, it wasn’t passed to protect anyone it was passed so there was a wall to keep proletariat held in. This isn’t meant as a condemnation of such, but merely an observation. So maybe, just maybe the next time you feel impassioned to adjust the amount of freedom that is in the world, think if it is needed as a whole or just needed for you.

Cody Jemes  is the head writer of the Bored Shenanigans Articulations. Need more of him and don’t know where to look? Check out his articles on the Dallas Mavericks at  Texas Fandom, leave snarky comments on his  poetry blog or if tired of reading listen to the podcast he co -hosts.  

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