Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 16

If you have been looking forward to a new and improved Bored Shenanigans here it is. How was this created you find yourself asking. By a simple procedure known as a Codyectomy, it is similar to liposuction. This was necessary after the atrocities he had committed against the great lands of Podcastia. From now on he will be marked as an unperson, banished, and all toilets shall be called Codys.


Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.     

Welcome to Episode 16: Resting at the Bottom of a Soup Bowl

Also, Ernie and Jarrett join making it a Rest-full episode were we discuses, what they have been up to lately, Thanksgiving, US Military policy, and what our preferred flavor of Soup to eat is, but we don’t discriminate if you prefer to eat Stew.

Also we would like to apologies to all Indians no matter what hemisphere you are on and Robin Williams.

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