What’d He Say?

Nothing is sacred and the notion that somethings cannot be discussed is ridiculous. No subject is untouchable. Granted that everything must be taken within context. Personal slights and differing opinions have no reason in being misconstrued into controversy. False statements about life abound freely. Someone questioning or outright degrading your ‘sacred cow’ is part of life. We are always advocates of ‘say what you think‘ and with that feel the right to be offended has been revoked. Perhaps that is the difference that should be pursued with the most prejudice? By disabling the need to feel so personally slighted by words, wouldn’t we all win? By stepping down from a holy perspective, we can relate to differing opinions. In a world that runs on bullshit, can we not just at least agree that it was a good thing that someone took a stand, even if we don’t always love that stand? Maybe if we remember to not let personal passions sink the ship of real progress, we may all come out ahead.

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