Fan Service

Welcome to thanks cast folks. Yes folks get your spoons ready and your johnfingers all warmed up. Save us a seat in Larry Sanders and come along the ride with us here. Especially you guy driving in his car.

At the Bored Shenanigans headquarters, we realized that we owe all our fans a big  hearty thank you. What prompted this you ask yourselves? Simple, we were cleaning the dust out of the archives and someone hit play on the early episodes. Yeeesh!
You, dear listeners are saints. The early ones were really rough. Really rough. I mean, why are some of you still listening? level of rough. That is not to say that we don’t fumble our way thorough episodes now or just release something of substandard quality, but thank you.
In all sincerity, thanks for growing with us. Thanks for laughing with our growing pains and offering the constructive criticism to encourage us to keep up the work. All of the support exhibited by all our listeners and all the hate mail sent by our deserters is appreciated. There is no Bored Shenanigans without you guys and we very much grateful for you enjoying the ride along with us. We will try to continue presenting all the good people of Podcastlandia with nothing but the highest quality product. So stay tuned and check your local listings for more irreverence and unnecessary name drops. Bored Shenanigans, pod casting with a vengeance.

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