6 Best Ways To De-Stress

Stress got you down? Ready to pull your hair out over some unexpected event? Trying to figure out how to afford the holidays? This is the Bored Shenanigans approved method of stress relief.

6) Take a minute. Find a place of solace. Whether it be a park, your front porch, or even your living room. Just take a deep breath, enjoy some quiet and think it all through 

5) Grab the dragon- Here at Bored Shenanigans we advocate handling your high. Get shit faced, get stoned, whatever does it for you. As always, impair your brain responsibly and forget the problems at hand. Usually when doing such you will realize that all is conquerable.

4) Have a laugh. Find something funny. Watch a stupid YouTube video, watch a funny movie, hell go to a comedy club. The world is full of laughs, just find one and laugh away the hard times. There is this podcast I know about….

3) Whine to a friend. What are friends for? They are there to listen to you bitch about the hard times. Oftentimes they have an insight or solution that you could not see outside the present scenario. Just grab a box of tissues and let loose.

2) Get sentimental.  Dig out that old security blanket, that favorite stuffed animal, a photo album or movie you love. Grasp onto a remnant of a better time to help put ice on the proverbial wound.

1) Fuck it out. This one should be obvious. Everyone likes to get laid; it makes us all feel better. If you find yourself in a situation where you have no one willing to swap pink with you, enjoy yourself. Snap one out or use a vibrating friend.

Always remember dear reader, that no situation is ever unconquerable. Just when you think you cannot handle anymore you always will. So hopefully we have offered some minor wisdom amid all our irreverence.

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