Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 12

I knew this podcast was trouble when it walked in the door. It had that look in it’s eye like it wanted to be a home wrecker. As it approached me, I could sense that it wanted to eat my soup. When it spoke, I knew that the shenanigans it had in mind could surely get us both killed. The stench of tobacco and cheap bourbon hung heavy in the room, as the podcast continued to cast, I could see the rabbit it was chasing would end in nothing more than high stakes deal for the heroes involved. It would have grimacing detectives dropping in on beaver-cleaverville and letting their thought bubbles hanging darkly. Darkly like the crime that haunts our once fair city. The cast had definite proof that the Bored Shenanigans rouges gallery could all play cliche parts in a noir film. Proof, I will believe proof when I see it. Join us now for Cast Me Deadly


Stay loaded for Bored Shenanigans.     

Watch your Back in Episode 12: Cast Me Deadly

Also November 9 is Carl Sagan Day so do something sciencey!
There is Hate Mail again so see the show notes.

7 responses to “Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 12

  1. I thought the Hobbit was a porno. Little people and hairy beards everywhere. Everyone fighting over a magical golden cock-ring. Furries. It has everything.

      • Now, we all know that was Cody and that he is lying because there is a hole in his logic. Brewer has too many allergies for that to be his dog and the audio quality would have been higher for the bark. Which leaves us with it is Cody’s pet tea cup poodle, Fifi and that he is ashamed of his love. I think he should embrace his passion; such a small and annoying animal is the perfect embodiment of the sidekick of the Bored Shenanigans team.

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