Common Sensory Overload

We are travel on various waves of stupid. From your average every man to the noble dual professor of high knowledge and intelligence.  The great irony is that education does not always insinuate insight and it certainly does not showcase common sense. We all have those glorious and fleeting, ‘Man, am I a dumb-ass’ moments. Those minutes when all good sense abandons you and you can merely laugh at the cataclysm.  Yet, what has happened is that state is remaining more and more of a constant. Not reverting from that moment  back to reality is killing common sense.  It has successfully hunted this trait down and placed it on the endangered species list.  We find ourselves blindly shuffling along the given path and abandoning all manner of critical thought.  Losing any forethought and seeing only what is in the moment contributes greatly to the loss of common sense.  At the very least you must have some minor observations about what is happening. Just remember when touting your high and mighty experiences, to keep your eyes open. If you don’t you are going to wind up with you foot in your mouth and looking like a permanent dumb-ass, despite what that fancy piece of paper on the wall says.

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