Little Things

It’s the little things. Whether they be to your advantage or disadvantage, it is the little things that matter most. Those little devils are the first things to spring up and bring an amazing course of actions firmly to the ground. They are the first things to disparage a grand idea to nothing more than a submissive state. On the other hand, little things can have more uplifting consequences.  It is a minor gesture that prompts a friend or acquaintance to try a little harder or just keep on keeping on. It is a minimalist action that encourages that small idea to become a better one. Such large things can come from such small things. It is a fine and delicate path to tread, so persistent maintenance of these small things is imperative. If not they will gang up on you and drag you to the ground. Keep them in check, use the good to lift you up and just keep the bad in perspective. We are all in this together, so remember responsible use of your little things.

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