Time is our ultimate enemy. We have no chance to tame it. No matter how profuse our efforts, we will not conquer this particular obstacle. As the saying goes, time marches on. It appears we have years and months, then suddenly; magically even those months turn into  days and minutes. Anti-aging creams and flux capacitors really are of little use to us here. Just enjoy what you have, because they are not making any more of it. All of us have heard a respected elder pine over the past, fondly remember those days gone and backhandedly say  what they would have done differently.  All in all, just make the best decisions you can with the scenario presented to you. That is all we can hope for is some forethought on our part amid the insanity.  Just buckle up, hold on and enjoy the ride because time likes to drive really fast and is not slowing down for any of use. Seize the now, because it is gone tomorrow.

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