Friendly Fire

Without condemning or complaining, it is universally accepted that life is hard. Not a one of us has it easy, in spite of how others may see our situation. This is one of the ultimate truths of the galaxy, existing is a difficult proposition. That being said, that is why genuine connections are so vital. We have all had that person which we were terribly close then somehow drifted away. Before we realized how far away we had grown it was far too late and the kinship was gone. Perhaps we should try a bit harder to hold that line. In our tumultuous existence, we encounter such a vast number of self-righteous cunts, so don’t we owe ourselves the courtesy of maintaining friendships? We all are in a constant state of fluctuation and sometimes the initial bond gets lost amid the ether because people change. More often than not, reach out to that person will just remind both parties of why they are friends. Do not allow time to be the undoing of great things. In the constant battle between the clock, the morgue, and the bank a comrade in arms is essential. At the end of the day none of us want to go to war alone.

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