Mirror Mirror

We need monsters. We need them to be real. We need them to terrify us. We need them to raise our ire. Fiends breed extreme emotion that inspires action. This is the state of things, we need the high of anger from the unimaginable. That instantaneous fervor that manipulates us. Think for a moment about something that you are fervently passionate about. Can you discuss it’s negatives without getting your feathers ruffled? It is doubtful that you can. That is the manifestation of the boogieman in the closet. That is our fuel. It has been so since time began, when the first caveman decided that second caveman was an asshole. Propagandist misrepresentations of enemies and warring countries are proof of such.  We must have a dragon to slay.We must have a monster to fight. We must have  a clearly defined evil, that is how we separate us from them. Imagine if we have no ultimate wickedness to battle against? What would become of us? How would we function? It is then that  we might have to face the only monster that really matters; ourselves.


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