Back Then

Talismans of our past are the hardest things to let go of. We have all been there before, holding tightly to something that we find infallible. Those small tokens of days long ago that made so much sense then, but now are not quite as perfect. The prevalence it had seems to creep away in inches. Until one day you question why you needed those things in the first place. Maybe it is age. It replaces sentimentality with reality until finally one gives way to another. Even when reality and good sense prevail, eventually letting go of certain things seems so difficult. We wrap our emotions so tightly around specific items. So much so that when such a bond is broken and gone, a little of ourselves goes with it. If we had it to do again, perhaps we wouldn’t become so dewy-eyed over the objects we select. Maintain a bit more practicality and distance. Possibly that is why these articles are held in such highly affectionate regard, as there was no time for logic when that bond is formed. Those nostalgic doodads of our youth are such a difficult commodity to deal in. Remember to proceed with caution as you begin to realize the holdings of the past are merely mementos. Those things were never meant to rebuild a history, just remind us not to forget it.

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