‘What to you do?’ A question so routinely asked, that no one thinks about it anymore. You simply are your employment. Your entire status as a human and value to society is based on that simple thing. You are either a great success ‘Oh, a lawyer, how very interesting.’ Or you are a menial member of the masses. ‘Oh, a waiter, I see.’ What a droll concept. Sure, people who work to achieve a great success in a high paying and noble career are astounding. Or lucky. Yet, they are merely that, people. We are so much more than our means to pay the bills. Intelligence, artistic ability and sarcasm have yet to cover much rent for many people. The world does not work on such currency. Sometimes it’s those folks with the most droll jobs that are by far the most interesting and personable. We all pine so deeply for the magic ticket to fortune, but wouldn’t that take the fun out of it? If not for the mediocre status of bill paying would we find such brilliant ways to escape. The notion of work being work and not play time is nothing new. We all should be perceived as what we truly are. A phenomenal collection of passions.  That question of  ‘What do you do?’ should be answered honestly. I write, I sketch, I play jazz, I pro wrestle, I hunt, I fish, I read. Or simply, I live.

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