Roadways and Biways

  What is it about driving in our cars that makes us all invincible? We climb behind the steering wheel and all of a sudden within the power of our four-wheeled fortress, we are unconquerable. We all know how horrible the other guy is at their commute. Not nearly as noble as we. The highway is filled with little moving kingdoms, each flying its own bumper sticker flag. No wonder road rage exists. There are a million little countries driving and drifting along. Each vehicle bursting with their own agendas. Is it really shocking that in the course of such travels, skirmishes happen? After all, we are only doing what comes naturally. Independently blazing our trail and conquesting, even if only through the morning congestion. Hell, most mornings I can’t make it to get a cup of coffee without hating someone’s driving and insulting their whore of a mother. Maybe that is why most of us were never destined for kingly duties. Perhaps it is for the best that the pressures of empirical rule never fell at our feet. Honestly, wouldn’t we all be pretty terrible at it?

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