Here at Bored Shenanigans, we admit that we are assholes. Hell, just by listening  to us for a minute or two that becomes quite apparent. Alas, we have something we need to get off our chests.  Do something nice. Quite the paradox, coming from two self admitted grumps and assholes. Who the hell are we to throw such stones? Bare with me for a moment.  Just because you are an unfriendly, anti-socite doesn’t mean you have to be. We are not advocating giving flowers to everyone nor are we saying ‘spread love, give a random blow job.’  Just  some small things, your dear writer is trying this in his own life so maybe you can take this journey with me. Stuff like leave a little bit better  tip, smile at the person who smiles at you, guys hold the goddamn door open, ladies say thank you when the goddamn door is held open for you. Say please or good morning. Small gestures help we all know  life sucks at points and by just letting that lady have your seat at the crowded bus stop, at least you aren’t just one more douche bag in a douche bag world. Just something to think about.

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