The Five Worst Kind Of People At Large Gatherings

We’ve all been there, out with our families, our wives, our hot dates, or alone. Then it happens, it sneaks up and bites you in the ass. It’s those annoying people. They are everywhere and they seem to be reproducing at an astounding rate. Here at Bored Shenanigans, we offer you, The Top Five Worst Kinds of People at Large Gatherings.

5)The Loud Repeater

We all know this chuckle head. This is the one who will see anything, then immediately and quite loudly voice his opinion of it. This one is everywhere from the movies, to the zoos, to the water parks and concerts. Easy to spot, and somewhat easy to avoid this one barely blips the radar, but be warned they are out there.

4) Fuck You, I’m Coming Through

Oh yeah, it’s him. Looking at a cool booth at the fair? Boom, he comes plowing into you. Walking down a crowded sidewalk? Boom, he comes running into you. Trying to tie your shoe? You had better not with this asshole around. Zero concern for what others are doing and oftentimes the source of disturbances and arguments, this guy is never learns.

3) Cell Phone Over Spray

Now it’s getting serious. Whatever their conversation is, it far exceeds whatever you are doing. These horrid creatures possess the features of the previous fiends, yet with no regard to anyone but whomever is on the other line. This also comes in the form of texting, where they roam aimlessly without regard to the poor soul behind them.

2) Overzealous Vendors

No, I am not buying any goddamn thing today. Half off, buy one get one free, I don’t want your cheaply made whatever the hell you are selling. No means no, stop pandering and let me by in peace. Wouldn’t I have been at your kiosk if I felt I wanted to buy your poorly made, imported crap? Leave me alone!

1) Slow Moving Way Blocker

This is the bane of my existence. This is man’s inhumanity to man. I can deal with a lot of annoying in large crowds of people, but you. Move the fuck over or get out of our way. I don’t care what the reason is, just let us walking at a speedier pace pass by. I want to get to the attraction that brought me to this event, not stare at your backside the entire time. Do not ever, ever be this person. If you are in the way, move over and let whomever pass by. No one likes waiting on this guy. No one.

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