Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Episode 0

[audio|titles=B.S. Ep. 0|animation=no]

Well, thank you for even taking time to look at this page. What you will find here is a podcast by two guys of no importance just talking, sometimes with a topic in mind.

In this, the pilot episode of our podcast, you will meet your lovable and witty hosts, Ryan Brewer and Cody Jemes and they will take you on a journey of discovering each other, dirty words, and babbling about nothing.

This can be thought of as a preview. On Monday, if all works as it is should, you will find a new episode and that will be the normal air date. If you will, give us a few episodes they only get better.

Check out the about us page to know a little more or go to the contact us page to see were else we are on the internet.

Welcome to Bored Shenanigans.
Welcome to Episode 0: Who the Fuck are We and Why the Fuck Should You Care

Note – In some web browsers you need to right click the download and choose save as. For those that did not know.

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